Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Today was my 2nd Chemotherapy treatment at the Dyson Center.  It was very much like the last one, except all my blood work was done a day before and my scheduled time was moved to the morning.  They are closing early tomorrow for the Holiday and I have to get my neulasta shot in before then.

Sarah and Bob drove me in.  I was mentally ready for it and the day started out pretty good.  As I signed in, Sarah got a text from Meg that Steph was in the ER!!! We were just with them last night!  Sarah went to see them while I got setup in the Infusion Room.  I was hungry so, they gave me box breakfast - why not???

Anyway, Wanda checked my vitals and pulled in the infusion pump.  The implanted port worked perfectly with no adjustments.  Nice to not get stuck in the arm for a change.  She started off with the usual mix - Saline, Pepcid, Benedryl, Decadron & Zofran.  Fluids, stomach, reaction, nausea & nausea. With each bag, I felt more and more woozy and lightheaded.  Finally, giving in and closing my eyes sooner than the first time.  Done with the premeds and onto the biggie - Adriamycin.  The 2 damn syringes that made my hair fall out!!! But, this time, with Wanda by my side pushing and returning, it seemed to go much quicker.  Onto the Taxitere for an hour and another hour for the Cytoxin.  I slept or drifted off thru most of it.  I was done by 2pm. 

During the time I was there, Barbara flew in for a few hours to join Bob & Sarah - followed by Alex and Melissa.  Then, Meg & Sara came over from the ER.  It was a big relief to hear my friend Steph's problem was not as severe as first reported and she was being sent home .... at points I was incoherent and non-responsive to them, to everyone!!! Not a very good host - but they all understood.  Its nice to have such caring friends and family!  I don't know how to express my gratitude for all they say and do. 

Afterward, Bob, Sarah and I went down to Wappingers to see Mark.  For some reason this time, I was starving!! Chowed down a pizza slice in 15 seconds... done.  Within 10 minutes, I said to Bob 'let's go' - I was beginning to crash.  So home we went and I immediately layed down for a couple of hours.   I needed it.  I awoke hungry again! More pizza and Sarah made her infamous crepes -  I could even taste them a little!  Sarah also made some chicken wings using the fryer Bob got... yum!

I think the best part of my day was going to the boutique at Dyson.  I had sent Sarah upstairs to pick up some more of the eyebrow gel to try to save my brow and lashes.  It's not a guarantee, but I'm gonna try.  While she was up there, she saw a red wig and liked it.  She took me up there and I tried it on and I have to say it is as close to my color as I'll ever get!!!  It's the style I wore in 1984 - we have engagement pictures to prove it.  Called  Bob up and now had confirmation from him and all the rest.  It was a go!  It was much more comfortable for me too.  I walked in as a blonde and left as a redhead!!

Redheaded Mary

One complaint today and yesterday - my scalp hurts!  Even though Bob shaved my head, all the hair left on my scalp is just small little pieces - stubble.  Sarah and I are plucking them out - nice kid that will do that for her Mom!!!  Ok, now she's using a lint roller!!! And it's working too!! How funny is that????

Finished my night hanging with my family, surfing, blogging and chatting with the girls... just as I do every night.  Lather, rinse, repeat!