Wednesday, December 15, 2010

DD Day - Day after Dance Day

Can I tell you how good I felt at the studio last night??? I don't know if it was because I was totally distracted from my everyday or what, but I don't care! I felt great!  I stretched and danced and felt like myself again. 

I have a new group of intermediate girls.  I know it's only week #2, but I think they are a really nice group.  They are listening to me and working very hard.  Trying to make adjustments in what they do to get better and better.  Having fun with the dances I'm teaching them.  They are very lucky because they have 3 teachers in classroom, so they get it from all angles!  I've seen improvement in them already and can only imagine what we'll accomplish all year.  I hope it continues this way. I know there will be ups and downs, but I'm still hoping for the ups!

And then there's Workshop.  A 2 hour class that flies by.  We did the usual workout to start - I thought my legs were going to rebel if I did one more plie/squat!  Still, a pain we all love and welcome!  This year we have a really cool mix of young and 'older' that makes my job fun and interesting.  The whole class dynamic is changed for the better and I believe we all can feel the excitement of it.  We worked a bit on the 2 dances we started.  Review, add, review, add - challenging for all.  So much enthusiasm makes it all worth it - can't wait until next week!!!

I brought Taylor home (our new little ritual!!) and onto a bowl of oatmeal, the end of The Good Wife (one of my favs) and a shower.... just like I always do. Here's the difference - I actually slept last night!!!  Usually sleep after a dance night doesn't happen for me, but not this time.  Must have been really tired!

I had a blood test today to see what my white blood cell count is.  They've predicted it to go down around today - approximately a week after Chemo.  If it's way down, then I'm much more susceptible to infection.  I've done everything I was supposed to do - neulasta injection, sleep, eat, wash, don't touch, etc.  I felt too good last night and today for it to be low - I just know I'm going to have good results!  Fingers crossed....


Kimberly Sabatini said...

"Stretching" with you is a gift...thanks for having me. <3

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Doi said...

Mary, you are incredible! I'm so glad you are able to enjoy your dancing, helping to bring some normalcy into your life now.