Friday, December 10, 2010

The Morning After

Here I am the day after my first Chemo treatment.  I'm at the office!!! A little groggy still, so Bob and I drove in together.  Can't guarantee I'll stay very long.  Why did I bother coming in?  Well, I have been working on a big data project for months now all culminating to this day.  Who knew breast cancer would jump into the middle of it?  I just was hoping to do it and get it over with.  But I'm lacking a very big thing today - Focus Factor - I need that most of all.  I was happy to see the email with the postponement.

The question I'm getting most - How am I feeling?
- no nausea
- no fatigue
- a little drunk... like I drank heavily last night and am still feeling it this morning!! For the young ones reading this, not that that has ever happened to me in real life!  I've heard about it from other people.... ;)
- a little mouth numbness - which I can equate to another drug, but I think those of you who know it get it!!!

I woke up during the night a few times feeling a wave of something go thru my body.  I rolled over to see if it was going to last long or if it would dissipate quickly and that's exactly what it did.  Each time it was a little different - nausea, stomach pain, tingling.  Here and gone.  Back to sleep.  I slept so well, Bob got up, went to the gym and I didn't even know he left!

Today I had to take an anti-nausea and a steroid.  That's what I think is keeping me in this stupor... although I'm feeling much clearer as it gets later.  Coffee is helping tremendously!!!

Work awaits...

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RitterBlog said...

You said, L'chaim ... I'll drink to that!