Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Use Your Foot!

Went to the studio last night feeling just fine!  I was able to get to the 3rd week with no incidents of illness or fatigue.  Very glad about that.  With my intermediates we did the usual - warm-up, around the room, dance - stuff.  But I sprinkled in a few party games like a one shoe relay race.  Each contestant has to run down take off one shoe and tag the next person, and so on.  When the last person returns, they all hop back put their shoe back on and run back to starting position.  The best part at dance class is - they all have on the same shoes!!! They did another race with a hula hoop and I had them make an Xmas scene by drawing the picture on a piece of construction paper their head - all good fun!  Finally, they had to guess the number of items (jelly beans and such) in a jar and win the jar!  The best was Sadie who used some sort of mathematical equation to get to her answer and she was closest ... LOVE IT! 

For Workshop, I did the same relay races... and you would of thought THEY were the 12 year olds!! Strategizing their moves, planning routes - hysterical!  That was after my workout - the last before the holiday eating frenzy.  Let's just say I sent them off with bang!  We reviewed the 2 dances we are working on while Sarah prepared my latkas.  After we set up to eat a little, drink a little and play some more.  Finally, the night culminated with the screw your friend swap and the Diving Dice game.  Hat's were flying, duct tape between teeth and finally my favorite line of the night - "USE YOUR FEET"!!! Another classic party accomplished!

By the time I got home my body tingled from the sheer weight of the day, but somehow couldn't wind down to fall asleep.  I happily sat with Sarah, chatting on facebook and recounting the fun we had.  Eventually, I would sleep some...

Alex comes home today too!! Plus, Sarah goes to pick up Jordan at the airport.  Maybe Melissa later this week?  The house is full once again. Did I mention the overwhelming number of animals that are at the house when the kids are there??  They each have 2 dogs now.  Alex - Cowboy and Rory.  Sarah - Angel and Pickles.  They are their father's children in that respect!!!

Today, yup - I'm tired!  Body is tingling from lack of rest.  I'll sleep well tonight.  Still have this rash on my hands.  Had my blood drawn today, so hoping to hear the wbc's are up tomorrow when I go see Dr. Rubin.  Still have my hair... I know the count down is on for that...

Gotta get what little shopping I'm doing this year done.  Office party tomorrow.

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Kimberly Sabatini said...

It was a blast. I'm loving my Tuesdays. <3 Ummm how did I go my whole life without dancing with you? ;o)