Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Better Sunday

Things seem to be evening out now.  I can almost predict when I'm going to be tired the past few days which allows me to plan for events and stuff.  But, I'm hoping this gets better as the week progresses because my wbc count will begin to rebound just in time for Xmas!!

Alex and I went to our 2nd acupuncture appointment today with Elisa - who I lovingly refer to as my 'witch doctor'.  She is really incredible.  Elisa has done tons of research on my condition over the past week and today she worked on the specific points that will increase my white blood cells and fatigue.  Alex and I walked out of there feeling refreshed and renewed once again.

Last night, not so refreshed.  At the dinner table, it was difficult for me to even lift my arms.  I was to go to the Nejame's for their Xmas party, but I was just not physically going to make it.  Bob went with his date, Sarah ... I stayed home with my date - Alex - and we watched a movie.  Weird, but necessary. 

Came home today to dinner ala Sarah - chicken panini's with homemade pesto and sweet potato fries!!! yummmm!!  The in-law's even made it for dinner and stayed for a little entertainment following.  It was a good day.

This is how I see it - a day and a half of kind of normal energy, then crash for a night.  Let's see if it continues this way.


Doi said...

Mary, although you are not used to having your body let you down, I admire the way you are adapting to the new reality. Remember that the fatigue and pains are temporary; when the treatments are over, you will gradually get back to your old level of energy.

Elisa Hirsch-Cotter said...

I am grateful to be able to help in any and every way I can.