Tuesday, December 14, 2010

normal as normal can be

Its Tuesday - Dance night!  I'm feeling pretty good today, so I expect things to go smoothly tonight.  I'm glad.  I could use a bit of normalcy right about now.

Over the past 2 days I've noticed that I'm not very functional in the morning.  Feeling very lightheaded and disoriented for a few hours.  Yesterday it was a longer time period.  Today lasted until about 11am, but afterward was really clearheaded.  I did the most of my work with customers then.  It's good to be distracted from it for a while.  I find my every waking moment can revolve around BC unless I do my normal activities to circumvent it.  I am being very cautious as I've been told to do - not eating raw foods, not touching my face, wash my hands, slept well, etc.  Everything I can do to get through these treatments on schedule.  A little exercise is good for all of us - that's for sure!  I won't over do it.  I promise.

Heading out... pretty excited about it....

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