Thursday, February 9, 2012

The next phase

In a week from today, I'll be having the surgery to finish the job we began in April.

This surgery has been in the works for quite a while.  Much longer than we first anticipated.  The temporary implants were put into place on April 21st - the day of my bi-lateral mastectomy surgery.  Every few weeks, Dr. Sepulveda injected some additional saline into the temporaries to form the breasts that I've been carrying around on my chest for 9 months now. 

Originally, the thought was to replace these with the more natural silicon gel implants within just a few months.  Stretch the skin to support the size of the breast and then swap them out with the gels.  But, we had a little detour when it was determined that I would need radiation.

Dr. S was worried the radiation would damage the work he had already done - needing additional surgery to repair it.  He wanted to wait several months after radiation was done to see what the result would be on the right breast.  Radiation can continue to effect the tissue for this long.  While it didn't damage anything, it was true that there was significant changes to the right breast that were different from the left.

Dr. S filled the 2 breasts with saline to appear equal.  During this time, the left has stretched and softened a bit while the right has pulled in tighter.  The left even hangs quite a bit lower now.  I'm hoping Dr. S will work his magic in surgery to not only replace the implants, but to also make them look a little more similar.  I have confidence he will do a fantastic job - he is a true artist and takes his 'art' seriously.

As much as I am looking forward to a more natural look and feel, I cannot wait to have the ports removed.  They still sit on my ribs on either side of me and easily get irritated when sleeping on my side or wearing a bra.  Bra - not that I need one!!! I wear one if wearing a sheer top or sometimes just because it's a habit! 

The 3rd port on the left side of my chest is also being removed... this port delivered the Chemotherapy drugs to my body 6 times last year.  I will not miss it!!

I am looking forward to sleeping on my stomach.  To stretching in jazz class to my side/gravity stretch without feeling pain.  I'm looking forward to putting on my seat belt without it rubbing and irritating the strange bump that protrudes from my chest.  I'm looking forward to this week of doctor appointments and tests because it means I'm that much closer to it being over with.


Kimberly Sabatini said...

You're almost there!!!! Love you. <3

DOI said...

I hope everything works out as you hope, Mary. I'll be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way. It sure has been a long journey... Love, DOI