Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's Complicated

Yup, life is complicated.  I've wanted to update this blog for over a month now.  It seemed that as every day passed, the more the task was daunting.  It grew and grew with more things I wanted to say about the fantastic events of December, that it caused me to just stop.  I didn't know how to start.

But that's not right either.  I enjoyed doing this over the past year so why not continue something that makes you happy - just makes you feel good.  Here I am.  New Year's is as good a time as any to start it all up.... keep it short but write often.  I'll look back and reflect - laugh a lot, cry a little - as I recount my days once again.

Today, I stood with Bob in the middle of the Everglades - a beautiful experience.  He turned to me and said 'we really don't matter'.  I call it feeling 'small'.  Feeling like you are just a tiny spec when you consider the size and age of the universe and the history of mankind.  But the more I thought about it, the more I think he's wrong.

As Bob would tell me, pick your relatives!  I matter to Bob and Bob matters to me.  We matter to our kids and to all the people we meet and so on.  It's these relationships that we build that make us feel BIG - bigger than life itself.  Each person builds on each other and they become building blocks for our society - the world we live in.  One block falls out of place and it all comes tumbling down.  No matter how small or big, we all have an important role in each other's lives.

It's this kind of reality I look back on in 2011 and thank all who I know, all who have touched my life.  You build me up each and every day to get stronger and be a better person.  This year, 2012, is the year to pay it forward.

And so on.... Happy New Year!


RitterBlog said...

Perfect example of "picking your relatives."

For the readers, this expression is a play on words that I worked into a song. If I add more words you should see what I mean ...

They say you can't pick your relatives
But that's not true
The secret to happiness
Is that you do

I'll skip the rest ... The point of the song is that people have a natural tendency to compare ourselves to others. Fine, except that when we compare ourselves to people that are "better than us" at something we tend to feel not so good. The reverse is true too! And since there are always people worse off, we can feel fortunate by simply choosing a comparison that makes us feel better. That's what I call "picking your relatives."

Mary knows what I mean. And if there is one thing that cancer teaches us it is to pick our relatives. It is amazing how much the little things matter! Like every day and how we use it!

Wendy S. Marcus said...

Great post and great comment!

I care!

And I am a fan of choosing a comparison that makes us feel better. I'm going to use that in 2012!

Happy, Healthy New Year!