Thursday, February 16, 2012

Silicone wins!

Today was a good day.

I felt a little anxious over the past week.  Didn't sleep a lot last night - waking up pretty consistently with a little worry on my mind.  Finally when I do wake up for good at around 5am.  I see a text message from Sarah telling me she was home (at 2am) and that she didn't tell us she was driving late so we wouldn't worry about her.  I also see the power is out.  With no sound or light, I guess my for good wake up time was not 5am but closer to 6:30!!!

I needed to be at the hospital at 7:30am.  Woke up late, jumped in the shower and used the only hot water left, said hello to Sarah, heading out to St. Francis Hospital and get stuck in Arlington HS traffic for 20 minutes!!  We ended up that much late - but to my surprise behind the desk waiting for me was our friend Bonnie!  I was so happy to see someone I knew I forgot about my anxiety of the surgery and being late.  It was just what my day needed - a turn around.

At that point, I was moving.  I went into the prep area where I got to wear a fabulous gown with my butt hanging out.  Compression 'socks' that expand and contract to massage your legs really do feel nice!  Then more of the usual - blood pressure, pulse, temp and, my favorite, an iv line.  The only thing they put in the iv line in the prep room was saline and pepcid for nausea. I had already taken a eMend first thing for nausea too.  That part being done, I was just waiting for Dr. Sepulveda to come see me and the anesthesiologist Dr. Rau.

Dr. S came in and we discussed the size selection that we changed to on Monday.  Bob had a concern about a warning he read for 'larger' implants.  This didn't ultimately become the reason why we selected the smaller implants, but it did cause us to talk about it.  The saline temporary expanders were filled with 450 cc.  The intention was to go down to 425cc when we switched them to the silicon.  But we ended up with 400cc to allow for more movement.  The right breast had shrunk considerably due to the radiation and it was pretty tight and uncomfortable with 450cc in it.  So we chose a smaller implant to allow for space to move and hopefully soften up a bit.

The doctor was also going to make a few incisions to try to loosen it a little.  I honestly don't know if he did that since they put a bra on me and I haven't looked yet!!!  2 days - leave the bra on... I'll find out tomorrow!

They took me in to the O.R. at 9:30am.  I think it was about a 2 hour procedure.  The anesthesiologist was a very sweet man and the nurse was holding my hand as I dropped of to sleep.  I woke up in recovery a little groggy as expected.  Once I was able, they moved me to another location, helped me put my clothes on and sat me in a recliner.  Bob and Sarah came in all smiles and happy to see me - as I was happy and relieved to see them too!  I asked for my phone and did my best to text Alex and the others who asked me to let them know I was done while drinking the needed coffee and talking to the nurse.... technology geek, yup.

We left the hospital at 1pm and headed to Table Talk for breakfast for me.  That's how good I felt!  We ate and talked and finally left so I could nap a little at home.  Not feeling hardly any pain, I didn't take any meds but slept for a few hours before the throw-together dinner that Sarah made and it was delicious!!  We talked and laughed and had a good time - all very normal!!!

Right now - I feel good.  They are softer, smaller and a little sore but nothing to speak of.  I get tired from time to time in waves from the anesthesia but no big deal.  I think I can say that the silicone implants beat out the saline hands down!!!

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