Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's an iPad kind of Xmas

Last weekend, while confined to my house, I was browsing the Internet when I realized I was not OK with little or no gifts for the kids this year.  They told me countless times that they were OK with it, it didn't matter, they understood.  But, it wasn't that I didn't believe them, I did.  I was missing the joy it brings me to give a gift to someone.  I knew I couldn't go out to the store then and didn't know if I could make it later in the week even.  Off my fingers went to and 2 iPad's were ordered up for Alex and Sarah within minutes.  Bob and I were pretty excited about the surprise because we hadn't hinted at it at all and it's so much fun to surprise someone with a really cool, unexpected gift.

I tracked them all week... I knew they were in Newark, NJ on Wednesday.  I figured - no problem, they'll be here by Friday.  Thursday we got the door tag for delivery on Friday, so I signed it all excited.  What shows up on Friday??? The cases for the iPad's but NOT the iPad's!!!! I quickly go online to track them once again and find out they are at the Newburgh distribution center, but didn't make it on the truck for delivery!!! Knowing we are heading to my brother's in Beacon, Bob and I jumped and gathered the troops to head out.  We simply said 'Gotta make a stop'!!!  It was 4:45p and the FedX closed at 5:30... the clock was ticking!

We made it there by 5:20p.  I ran in and left the others in the car.  There were about 10 others standing in the room waiting.  The lady behind the counter took my tracking information and told me it would be 30-45 minutes.  I thought OMG!!! But, I didn't care.  I was there and they were almost in my grips!  So, I texted Bob to tell him it would be 'a few minutes' for them to find them... I didn't tell him HOW many minutes!!! But to my surprise, 2 minutes later a man walks out and announces my name!! My hand shot into the air - I was so excited!! At the same time, I was apologizing to the others that were waiting much longer than I was... I signed for my packages and ran out the door smiling all the way to the car!!  From the agony of defeat to the thrill of victory in an hour and a half.  I had trouble containing my excitement and it drove the kids crazy...

Originally, we were going to wait until we got back from my sister's for our own gifts, but Bob was ready to get the ball rolling early this morning!! So I gathered all the gifts under the tree, woke everyone up and we were off and unwrapping!  Shirts and sweaters, video camera, candy and of course, iPad's!!! Alex and Sarah loved them - as Bob says "unexpected gift, unexpected time".  Ok, Christmas is pretty expected, but not this year.  It was a lot of fun springing that surprise.

Off to Mass with my mother and to my sister's family for lunch.  Great group of people all giving me tons of love and support.  The great niece's and nephew's were lots of fun playing and opening gifts.  I met a few new 'in-law's to be' and ate and ate and ate.  Bob insists I'm going to gain weight during this whole cancer thing.  We'll see... still a great afternoon with them. More blessings.

We finished the day by going to Shelly and Chris's for dessert.  They are heading to Aruba tomorrow before the snow, so I won't see them for 2 whole weeks!!! I'll miss them... This is the trip we were to take and meet up with them on Jan 1st.  I'm not prepared to be out of the country and feel like crap - I think that anyone can understand that! Cancelled for this year - hopefully next year!

Have I mentioned that I've lost about half my hair?  Yeah.  I guess I'm not ready to talk about that yet.

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Lisa Buglione said...

So glad you were able to enjoy your holiday with family and friends! Even with everything you have going on, you still sound like Mary... full of energy and high spirited! Keep that good attitude going Mary!