Monday, December 13, 2010

Jay to the rescue!!!

So today I ventured into the office.  I had a few meetings lined up and with my usual effort would not have been a problem.  There was nothing 'usual' about today.  What I quickly realized was during my first appt at 9:30am that I couldn't think straight enough to help my customer!!  I'm so used to doing 10 things at once, that the effort to talk on the phone, connect to their machine and navigate ANYTHING was too much for me.... Thank god for Jay!

I turned to my left and said 'I need help' - Jay was on it.  I graciously explained to my customer that I was having 'issues' without really explaining my issues... and passed them to Jay.  Jay and I worked as a tag team - the only way I could have gotten through it.  I find my mind is foggy and my thoughts are way too scattered to do any really heavy duty consulting right now.  Hopefully, that will get better.  I do notice I get clearer throughout the day.  Note to self - book yourself in the afternoon - at least for now...

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