Saturday, December 18, 2010


No, I'm not talking about a round of golf.  We don't play golf, that's for sure, but we've done a lot of other things together!!! I'm talking about my family, BMAS - Bobby, Mary, Alex and Sarah. 

Long before the digital age, we would use a camera with actual film!!! oooooo Then came disposable camera's - we were so far ahead of our time! While I was very good at buying the film and the camera's and talking the pictures, I wasn't always so good at developing them.  Always getting another roll of film when we needed it and putting the old in a place 'I'd get back to' in order to develop them and finish the job.  As you can tell from my tone, they've accumulated over the years.  I'd move them around the house to try to motivate me into filling out all those damn envelopes.  Eventually they sat in a grocery bag, waiting.

Until a few weeks ago....

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Bob and I ran all over to tell our families about my diagnosis.  I wanted them to see me and my face when I told them.  That I wasn't scared.  That I wasn't sickly.  That I had a new and different job to do now - get through the treatments, surgery, etc. and get on with my life.  During this epically long weekend, our families stepped up with a general broadcast of WHAT CAN WE DO TO HELP???  It was so hard to comprehend needing any help yet, but we welcomed the uncompromising support offer.  Bob realized much more than me the urgency to 'sanitize' my surroundings and asked for help to clean out the garage and basement. 

Penney family to the rescue!!! I had an army show up the following weekend to divvy up or remove the rest of my mother's things that  had been sitting in my garage for far too long.  All their hard work along with Alex, Melissa, Sarah and, of course, their fearless leader Bob resulted in the ability to park my car in the garage!!! WOO HOO!!!

In the middle of all that was a revelation!!! The elusive grocery bag filled with film was discovered in the pantry!  It was Bob who turned to Sarah and asked her to develop them as his gift for Hanukkah. 

And so she did!! Sarah did all this work to develop them while back in Pittsburgh studying for finals.  It was just wonderful to see these last night when she got home.  Fantastic memories of people, places and things come flooding back.  Here's my foursome - then and now!!! I love you guys... let's get ready to play a few more rounds!
Florida 2005

Washington DC 1990


DOI said...

You have a beautiful family -- then and now!

Kimberly Sabatini said...

That just supports my theory that procrastination can have huge benefits if you wait long enough for them...*grin*