Monday, January 3, 2011

Through the looking glass

Funny how the world is these days.... Sarah and I are sitting at the kitchen table each with our own computer, talking to each other and surfing through other people's lives.  Different forms of stalking seems to be our entertainment.

Kind of like this blog experience for me.  Would I, under normal circumstances, have taken my journey to the public as I have?  I guess part of me would say yes - I am a bit of a public person in my own way.  I have a very big family, in a business with Bob and a dance teacher to many at Yanarella and I knew it would be nearly impossible to get back to all the people I would have to get back to about my illness.  The blog has helped to keep those who wanted to read about it the ability to keep up with me. What surprised me most was the friends and friends of friends that have come to follow my blog. 

Half of me wants to just be alone with all this.  I can be a pretty private person really.  For example, Bob would like to go out nearly every night and I have to convince him to stay home once in a while on the weekend.  Yeah, I'm all about a good time, but there are times I'd rather be alone.  Bob really enjoys his 'boy's night out' while I can't wait to eat junk food and watch a movie in bed!! My hair?  Would I have taken a picture of me in all my bald splendor and posted it on Facebook?   Uhhh - no.  Bob didn't think twice - poof - my bald head is on the internet!  Not because he was making fun of me, but because he truly thought it was a beautiful thing and wanted to share it with the world.  I've had to come to terms with all this, allowing those close to me to do what they have to while still being true to myself.

More on the wonder of Bob - since we got the news, he's been on a mission to find and create good out of all this.  He's been actively planning Breast Awareness Day at Yanarella School of Dance for early December, 2011 - my 1 year anniversary of remission, hopefully.  He's enlisted oconologists, breast surgeons, representatives from Health Quest, Miles of Hope, etc.  The list goes on and on.  All this swirls around me.  I hear it and cannot believe this is all happening.  Bob is marketing the heck out of this and because of him, we will save lives!

The freedom to unveil my head or talk about my breasts and all my bodily functions has been something that has taken over my life and has proven a lot for me to get used to. Thru this blog or over the internet I get to covertly reveal a lot of me without actually doing it in person. Like I am writing this all for me and who ever reads it, reads it.  That works for me.

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Wendy S Marcus said...

I enjoy visiting every day to see what you're up to. When you skip a day I miss you! Let me know if you need anything. If I do say so myself, I made terrific chicken soup with matzo balls!