Sunday, January 30, 2011

Catch-up time!

Sunday is good day to look back at the events of the week and see if they fall in line with expectations.

Work  - While I did work every day this week, there were plenty of customers that I just didn't do enough for.  I talked to some, emailed others, installed, updated and fixed computers, but it never seems to be sufficient and I never catch up.  This is nothing new.  It's the nature of my business and it brings plenty of stress.  It's how I handle the stress that makes a difference for me.  Before breast cancer, I would work until late late into the night or even early morning for a customer.  Why?  To solve their problem, to make them happy, to finish the job.  Now, I just cannot do that any more.  I'm lucky if I can string 4 hours in a row together.  I juggle 3 and 4 customers at the same time and puts a mental strain on me.  Even though I'm sitting at a desk, I need to rest from time to time.  I feel a heaviness in my chest, an ache almost, that tells me its time to lay down even if I don't sleep.  So, that's what I do.  I rest in the afternoon and then get back to work.  I've had to be candid with those customers that work with me and tell them my situation.  They've all been very supportive and understanding, but I can feel they are growing frustrated with me.  I'm learning to get others involved and pass off the work that I cannot handle in a timely manner.  I'm still learning to rest when I need it to be more effective during the day.

I'm figuring out how to split my time at the office - physically.  I spent the week at home and can remote into my office but I'm missing a few key components.  This week I'll be sure to set up the balance so I can do my entire job from home.  Most of my employees have been with us for over 10 years now.  There is some complacency in being in a small company for many years, so this week I deliver the reminder of how things must progress in the future.  How I need to handle things from here and use technology to my advantage to do that.  A little look at the past, a reminder of what our company is based on and how we need to move to a prosperous future.... I've even pumped myself up!!!

Dance - I chose to stay home this week because of the impending neutripenia and it killed me.  I'm sure life at the studio went on without me, but life at the Ritter house on that night was depressing!  Plus, I missed the week before because of the snow and it looks like we're having another storm this Tuesday too - ugh!   I left them in the good hands of Jackie and as she reported back to me all went well.  The Intermediates were a little chatty (12 y.o. surprise, surprise!) and Workshop reviewed the 3 dances we were working on before the snow day.  I also have Workshop working on a choreography assignment with a partner or within a group and they spent some time designing that.  Jackie tells me I'm going to be pleasantly surprised.  I'm excited to see what they come up with!  Finger's crossed there's dance on Tuesday....

Family - On Monday, Alex and Sarah went back to Albany and Pittsburgh respectively to continue on with school.  That alone makes me feel like life can go on with some normalcy.  Dawny stopped by later that day and ended up with a bent fender and quarter panel! (no guilt here - sure)  Insurance is a wonderful thing. 

We saw Denise and Bill at Bill's Improv show on Saturday night, my first night out all week!  I did have to take a couple hour nap beforehand so I could get to it at 8pm, but I'm so glad I did!  It was staged in a small little black box theatre - the type you'd find in Manhattan - but on Broadway in Newburgh.  It was very VERY funny and entertaining!  It was a late night, but well worth it!

Friends - This week I heard from friends from Boulder to Pittsburgh to Poughkeepsie!  Lots of emails, blog comments, voice mails, texts, facebook messages, chats and visits.  It's overwhelming and heartwarming to have this support and contact from all over the map.  I'm working hard on getting back to everyone, but it's bigger than me.  This blog is my connection to everyone, I hope.

Chemo - no doctor visits because Dr. Rubin was sick and rescheduled me for tomorrow.  But, I did find out my wbc was 1.8 which meant my choice to stay home was a good one... and no fresh fruits or vegetables, blah blah.  My skin is very dry and I'm battling that as best as I can.

New this week is this heartburn and lump in my throat - oh yay!!  It started a couple of days ago, now that I think of it, but tonight is pretty strong.  Took a couple of tums but will mention to dr. tomorrow.

Let's see .... anything more? Nah, just the usual - snow

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Lisa Buglione said...

This was a great blog! Thanks for continuing to take time out to keep us all updated. Thinkin' about ya and praying for you :-)