Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Double Feature

I spent the last weekend getting ready for tomorrow.... You see, I really wanted to see 2 movies and couldn't decide on which one.   There were plenty of things I should have been doing - cleaning, laundry, etc.  Going to the movies was what I wanted to do.  That was my priority.

For about a week I've been feeling pretty good.  Like normal, but with no hair!  So much so, I've been working a normal schedule and going out most every night.  Maybe not as late as we usually would but out.  Last Thursday I went shopping and to dinner with Shelly.  Friday was Temple and dinner with Bob and Sunday Bob had his R&B gig plus we went to see Laura's new place and stop for dinner.... I started the week with a full day of work and the pin party!  The slowest day was yesterday - the snow kept us home but we worked from here and I had a great chat with my Workshop girls last night! More on that later.  And finally today - another full day and out to dinner. 

Back to the movies.  I know I'll be home for the next 10 days and I really wanted to see both The King's Speech and True Grit sooner than later.  Trying to decide with Bob, I said 'Let's see both' and he was up for it!  So we returned from our morning drive with Mark and headed up to the Galleria for Movie 1 - The King's Speech.  We loved it!!! Afterward, we met Shelly and Chris for dinner and they joined us for Movie 2 - True Grit.  Also a good movie!  Then back to S&C's for a glass of wine.  It was the grown-up version of a Double Feature!

The winner of the day???? The King's Speech - 4 thumbs up!

Tomorrow I have my 6 hour infusion of my chemotherapy cocktail... the beginning of another 3 week cycle of  low to medium to high!!!  I won't have the energy to do half of what I did last week.  Half??? Quarter...

But it's the 3rd treatment - half way there!!!  Almost.  The 3 week span between treatments 2 and 3 felt like a long time.  Different than between treatment 1 and 2 - must have been the holidays.  Winter is keeping me holed up in the house more and I sometimes wish I was doing this over the summer or spring when I can go outside.  Just can't sit on the deck and read a book these days!! I'm glad I'm busy just living my life during the days between.

I do indulge myself with 2 movies in one day, hang with my friends, dance when I'm not supposed to, eat almost anything I want, work all day, sleep a little later.... it's my life.  I like to think I fill each moment with everything I can between chemo treatments.  My choice of  not cleaning the house or doing the laundry, but going to a double feature with my boyfriend was definitely the right choice!

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DOI said...

I'm so glad you got to see both of those movies, Mary. I liked them both, too, but agree that The King's Speech was the best. That double feature evening will give you lots to boost your spirits during the next round -- which could not be said for laundry and cleaning!