Tuesday, January 18, 2011


There was this old fashioned thing people did way back when... when a boy asked a girl to go out with him he would take his school pin and give it to the girl.  I don't really know when this lovely practice of displaying your attachment to someone stopped, but I've never been pinned.  Until now.

When we first found out my diagnosis, Bob had a real call to action.  Still does.  There are many ways he's been channelling his energy from the Breast Cancer Day of Dance all the way down to designing t-shirts and pins.  He had this idea to make a pin that would envelope me and our cause and distribute them to the kids I teach and anyone else who wanted to show support.  Something modest and relevant.

He contacted Jackie - an interior designer and my fellow teacher at the studio.  She's very creative and just happened to be creating jewelry for the first time when she talked to Bob.  They traded emails and sketches discussing designs and finally they put the wheels in motion. 

Last night, Jackie, Laura, Jen, Shelly, Barbara and, of course, Halley showed up with their crafting hats on!  Bob planned the night and cooked for us and I just kind of walked around alot...

Awesome, isn't it???
Using metal disks, raised letters and hammers, they stamped the words 'Live to Smile' and 'Live to Laugh' - they tell me I'm known for both of these - I don't notice it!  Instead of using the typical Breast Cancer symbol of the pink ribbon, Bob's idea was to use a pair of toe shoes in the center.  Jackie found a small charm sized pair crossed 'just so' that they were almost shaped as the infamous pink ribbon.  Each of the little elves sitting around the table had a job, and they took them seriously and with great pride showed the result.  Even down to the hanging letter M off the bottom.  Another of Bob's ideas - make the letter removable so these lovely token's of support can be used for the next dancer who needs it.

It was a fun night with really great friends and family.  I'm like a school girl who's been pinned - I feel the love by a whole bunch of people!  Thanks!
2 of my reasons to smile...


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Lisa Buglione said...

This is my favorite blog so far! How sweet! What a special and memorable day!

DOI said...

This is my favorite blog entry so far too. It captures how incredible both of you and all your friends are.