Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Making dreams come true

I'm sitting in the R&B bar in Millbrook trying to mind my own business.... In other words trying stay far away from people during this flu season!!! Why am I here? Why would I take such a chance? Well, its the culmination of a lot of years of Bob writing and playing in our 'guitar room' and practice, practice, PRACTICE!!!! Call it a check off of his bucket list! I couldn't be prouder of him for doing this. For putting himself out there. Taking a risk.

(I wrote that on Sunday from the bar on Bob's iPad... I'm not very good at the iPad.  It took me way too long to compose a paragraph, so I put it down and enjoyed the show.  Just getting back to it now.)

Bob was contacted a week or so ago to get together with The Differents at the R&B.  There was a benefit they were playing at to support a young woman heading off to Africa and thought it would a good time to get together.  Frankly, it was a little vague, but either way Bob thought about what he would play or present or discuss - whatever!!   So he prepared 4 of his songs:

1. I Need Conviction
2. Not For You To Say
3. I Am Your Champion
4. I Like Spending Time With You

The morning found Bob practicing as I headed off to acupuncture earlier than usual.   I wanted to fit it in before we headed out to Millbrook.  While I was gone, Bob went to the gym - I think to work off some stress!  His nerves were jumping when he got back and tried to organize all his stuff.  He couldn't collate his music papers - he was adorable.  I packed up the car and I drove him to the bar knowing he might have to write notes or review his stuff.  I was the calm one this time.  He laughed as we pulled out and realized I was treating him as I do all the nervous little girls I deal with at dance class.  And in many ways they are very much the same - stage fright can be overwhelming.  I gave him my best advice - smile and have fun!

The R&B is a small little place and it was not even 1pm so there weren't very many people there yet.  Bob met up with Vito - a fantastic musician he has met with privately before today and now they discussed his 'set' for his slot.  We listened to the other bands and artists while we waited - a surreal moment as the two of us looked at each other and knew he would be considered one of 'them' in no time!

Couldn't run out the door - it was Bob's turn.  He set up his guitar and effects box - he was sweating...  The other musician's helped him get his mic right and Vito was playing backup.  Vito introduced him as Bob Ritter - a singer songwriter!  He played his guitar and sang, like the rest of 'them' He did it!!! He talked to the audience and introduced his own songs and they were very supportive.  They cheered and urged him to do his encore and he gladly obliged! 

It was an experience of a lifetime.  I was so happy I was there to witness this great feat of strength.  The giant leap it took to do something you've always dreamed of not knowing if the landing would be hard or soft.  To appreciate the chance to perform - good or bad, mistakes or not.   Stepping on the stage and gaining confidence just by doing your best.  Feeling more alive because of it. 

I am so proud of you, Bob!  I love you more and more...

Bob and Vito - making dreams come true


leslie ritter said...

wow !!!! another musician in the Ritter family. so glad to see considering i thought most of us were tone deaf. lol. very proud of u. xoxo les

Emily said...

Hi. Mary and Bob, I write this from sorta sunny Florida. I haven't had chance to get to your blogs until this evening. I wish I could have been as upbeat as both you and Bob are being.
My journey was a quiet and even-stepped one. My days were filled with keeping even tempered and distracting myself. I delegated a few people to do the commentary to those who cared--while I played online games. I am enjoying reading about your highs--- I sometimes weep about your lows--something I tried not to do for myself. Be well-thanks for writing this- and I might be able to help bob with the BC day of Dance-- have had a little practice with the Miles of Hope walk-- also talk to me about plastic surgery. Be well. Emily