Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chemo Day 3

Started the day with coffee and downloading my bookclub book to my kindle.  Took the eMend and it's making me hungry and a little lightheaded.

Dyson Center  -
Because of the snow on Tuesday, I didn't get my blood drawn ahead of time.  I'm waiting on the results of my blood work to find out if my wbc's are good to go.  I think they are!!  I sent Bob to get me food.... starving.  I want to eat before I fall asleep and can still taste it!  Stephanie is my nurse today.  She's also affiliated with Dr. Keleher, so I've met her before and she's very nice.  A massage therapist, Maureen, has stopped by to see me and did a little work on my back and neck.  Her service here is supplied by the Miles of Hope organization.  It's so wonderful that there are people and services available to not only help you survive, but thrive!!!

Internet here is really a problem!  They must have changed things since the last time I was here.  The time out of the connection is very fast - you have to constantly relog in.  Very very annoying when you lose your updates and you don't even know it.
Just got home from the infusion center... 9:30-5.  Long day.  Slept a lot thru it all.  My coloring was off for most of the day.  Shelly described is as yellowish.  I usually get pale at some point during but I rebound and my rosy cheeks reappear, but not this time.  I also 'felt' the drugs alot more.  Meaning, I could feel them circulate through my body - looping through my heart, around the lining of my stomach, up and down my legs and across my shoulders.  Strange.  Barbara stopped in on her way to a lunch meeting - my friends are fantabulous.

Shelly made a pan of lasagna for us for dinner... really nice thing to do.  I'm pretty much out of it tonight, so it comes at a really good time.  Big plus - one of my favorite foods!!

Yesterday and today I'm feeling the effects of the steroids... my knees and my muscles feel swollen.  It should only last a few days.  Speaking of last, I'll get my neulasta shot tomorrow.
I went down for the count immediately after this post... I hit the sofa for 4 hours and now I'm resting upstairs. I'll be in bed soon.  I think this was a combination of my once a week sleep day and the chemo effects all in one.  Different than last 2 times.  My stomach is feeling a little strange too - slightly queasy, a little pain.  Throat feels scratchy, but that's been a single to lay down and rest.

Looks like different is a way of life these days!

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