Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How are things?

  • Had my blood work today to test for my white cell count.  I'll find out results tomorrow.  Just as last time, I feel too good for it to be low.  We know how that turned out.
  • Went to see Dr. Keleher, my breast surgeon today and she saw good results, so we are staying on track and continuing on with the chemo.  Good.
  • 4 treatments to go... ugh
  • Currently, we don't expect any treatment AFTER surgery - yay!
  • Strangest thing that happened to me today - both Dr. Keleher and P.A. Sara examined me at the same time!! 4 hands on my chest.... would that be considered a threesome?  Bob was smiling behind the curtain while I laughed out loud over the situation. There's a first for everything!
  • Been hungry ALL DAY!  Not just 'I feel like eating', but 'I need to eat NOW or I'm going to die'!!! I started eating at 10am and didn't stop until 6pm... steroids?  Maybe...
  • Very clear headed this time. Different than last. Been working an almost regular schedule and doing my regular things with clients. Gotta pay for all this crap.... but avoiding feeling stressed.  
  • Staying home tomorrow and probably Friday just because everyone else is sick and I don't want to take the chance.  I can work from here. No big deal... Spoiled!
  • Get a heavy chest feeling when I'm over doing it or just run down and tired.  That's my sign to take a rest.
  • Redness and soreness at the port site today.  Not sure if I aggravated it last night or not.  Keleher suggested I tell Rubin tomorrow.  She expects him to prescribe me an antibiotic.
  • Decided to see a geneticist to discuss testing for the breast cancer gene.  Because I'm under 50, I could be a carrier even though I don't have the ancestry.  With this knowledge, decisions on bi-lateral mastectomy will be easier and Sarah will have the information to make her own health decisions.
  • Plastic surgeon time!  Have to talk to a few of them to get them lined up for reconstruction sometime in late April, early May.
  • I believe I have a little more hair tonight... peach fuzz, but it's hair!!!
  • Tired tonight.  Can't really attribute it to chemo or cancer.  Generally after a dance night, I don't sleep well.  Last night was no different.  Hopefully, tonight I'll sleep like a rock - fingers crossed.

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Elisa Hirsch-Cotter said...

I am thrilled to hear the good news (alex told me)! Let's keep it shrinking.