Sunday, January 9, 2011

Greasy Italian

As most of my friends know, this is how I refer to myself.  I cannot go a full day without washing my hair... if I do, you can use the result to fry an egg.  True but gross, I know.

Unconsciously, I headed to the shower again this morning for my usual ritual even though I showered late last night.  Couldn't not wash my hair before going out... Got in the shower and started to wash my hair and realized - whoa!  Not necessary!!! It's not the white peach fuzz on my head I should be washing, but the red wig I've been wearing all week!!  It made me laugh how much things have changed in 2 months.  The chemo has totally dried out my skin, so no threat of a greasy bald head!

Now - my red wig is drip drying on a rack in the kitchen sink - oh my!

My Sunday drive attire.  My alter ego is drying...


Wendy S Marcus said...

All caught up on my Mary reading. Let us know when the court date is. It may make for an entertaining outing!!!

bwayfan said...

Court date was originally yesterday, but because of snow is now rescheduled. I'll post when he gets a new date so we can all attend!