Sunday, May 1, 2011

Trouble Sleeping RECAP (sorry so long!!!)

I've been having some trouble sleeping this week ever since I had my surgery.  I'm not feeling pain or anything like that, just a level of discomfort that keeps me up.  I first slept sitting up in a chair.  Next tried the 45 degree angle on the sofa.  The bed was by far the hardest.  I may sleep for a few hours but I'd be up and moving to a different venue to try to get comfortable all over again.

While I may experience some pain/discomfort at the site of my surgery and implants, it's really the drainage system that is bothering me at my sides.  Just a few inches below my armpits, 2 tubes protrude.  It's there that bothers me most.  Very sore.

I weened myself off of the Oxycodone on day 5 after surgery - during the day.  I really didn't need it then.  This is something i could live with and did fine - until night time.  I decided to continue with the medication before bed time to at least continue to get a few restful hours before moving to a 'new spot' just like my dog Bailey!

I had Sarah home and even though I was 'recovering' I wanted to do what ever I could with her - life as usual.  Monday was our first visit back to Dr. Sepulveda.  Things were going well but he wasn't ready to take out any of the drains... sadly... but that's ok.  I was cleared to shower on Tuesday and that news was great to hear!

Tuesday we spent the morning doing some 'work' - school for Sarah and business for me.  It was a beautiful day and didn't want to miss it.  We met Dawn (and Barbara) for lunch and we were off to the Walkway Over The Hudson.  I was moving slowly but I was moving! Dr. Keleher told me to keep 'moving and groovy' to help the healing process.  We made it to the Ulster side and I sat for a few minutes to rest. The way back was much better; almost like we were walking down hill!  Either way, it took us much longer than we expected and rushed home to rest a (very) little and head out once again. This time to the studio.

Yes, call me crazy but I went to the studio on Tuesday.  I know my limitations and decided to go instead of sitting at home wondering what they were doing and what I was missing!  Besides, I'm used to teaching from a chair these days and could do it again.  The funny thing is now that my legs are working, my arms aren't!  I sat on my chair and used my hands below my shoulders conveying what I could.  It didn't always come out right the first time, but eventually they all got it. Even if things don't run normally, Tuesdays at the studio are a joy to me and I'm not willing to pass them up if I can help it.

After all my exercise that day, I saved the coveted shower for bedtime!!  Bob was instructed by Dr. Sepulveda on how and what to do to change my dressings at the drain sites.  They supplied a written instruction too and on the page it mentioned a possibility of 'lightheadedness'. (is that one word??)  Anyway, I jumped into my luke warm shower and boy did it feel good!  Not that I haven't been washing but a real shower trumps a sponge bath any day!  Afterward, Bob had the task of putting dressings back on.  Somewhere in the middle of the first side, I suddenly felt nauseous and lightheaded - just like the doctor said!!! Happily it didn't last long and Bob finished the other side while I layed down.  Just sharing this information so others in my shoes realize the doctor knows what he is talking about!

That night I slept pretty well on the sofa.  A solid 5 hours. I figured I was over the hump. 

Wednesday and Thursday we did a few errands, worked a little and cooked.  Both nights found me wandering around the house for a comfortable place to lay my head.  Wednesday was difficult because I was wide awake for no apparent reason.  I could usually fall asleep pretty easily.  STAYING asleep was the problem.  Not this time.

Thursday we went out to dinner with the intentions of stopping at the grocery store to pick up a few 'essentials' for our Royal Breakfast the next day.  I think the excitement got the best of me as I spent several hours finding the silver and setting out the china tea cups and such.  I slept a few hours before giving up and going down to the kitchen to make my scones.  Time ticked by quickly and we had to dress in our wedding garb - the Queen, the Princess and King Margarine!!! We had a blast but I was beat before our guests Shelly and Britney arrived for tea at 8am!!!

A few hours later, we were off to see Dr. Sepulveda for another check.  This time he removed 2 of the drains and I was very relieved!  I was very proud to tell him about the activity level I had been enjoying and watched his face contort as I mentioned walking a 5k at the Miles of Hope event!  He 'scolded' me for doing too much!! But, in my defense, I was told to 'move and groove' and that activity would be good for me, blah, blah... but, as he explained, he meant don't lay in bed all day not go out and walk 2 miles!!! Ooops... I think he should have qualified that!  He obviously doesn't know me very well!!!

One last event for the day - Barbara's birthday dinner!   We had a great time with great people and it flew by.  It was not a late night and I was happy to be home to try to settle down and get some much needed sleep after a string of days with just a few hours each.  But this night would be the worst of all!!  My body was extremely restless and jumpy with very little hope of settling down anywhere - and I tried!  I did a few laps around the house to try to release the anxiety in my muscles to no avail.  The last I looked at the clock it was 4:30am.... and I had to be at Tymor Park for Miles of Hope at 7:30am - it's gonna be a long day.....

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Rosie said...

Hi Mary, I am so glad that your surgery went well. I have read all of your blogs, laughed, cried, but most of all admired you for the way that you fought this disease. Prayers and lots of love for a speedy recoverfy!