Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Miles of Hope weekend... Survivor

Miles of Hope Walk/Run

For all the years of it's existence, I've avoided this event.  Not because I didn't believe in the cause, but because I don't run 'short' races!  Lori Decker chairs this event and for many years it was based out of Crush Fitness - the gym I was a member of.  I would cruise into the gym on that day and hit the treadmill as usual. I'd make my donation, but join the race - not for me.

This year was the year for me to be there.  I signed up as a volunteer since the thought of running/walking it 10 days after my surgery wasn't realistic.  Ironically, the volunteer coordinator is Sarah Long - my trainer from my Crush days!  We have a nice round of emails between us and it's set - she'll place me in a low-stress position and I'll have my Sarah with me so we can share the work.

Sarah and I arrive on the freezing cold morning totally not dressed correctly.  We are placed on the registration table - the only place the sun is shining to keep us warm!  The traffic at the table starts slowly, but gets very busy as race time approaches.  Most people are wearing pink... me?  I'm wearing my yellow t-shirt from my dancer girls - 'Yes, these are FAKE.  My real ones tried to kill me!'  It got a lot of laughs and smiles!

Somewhere in the middle of all this, I hear my name being called from my right.  They are putting together a Survivor group photo and calling my name to come join them.  Right.  I am a survivor.  A SURVIVOR!! I still can't believe it's me...

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