Friday, May 27, 2011

Radiologist - take 2

This week we went to see a second radiologist.  Dr. Faranghi was referred to me by Dr. Keleher.  We always knew we were going to have 2 opinions because Dr. Rubin gave us one name (Dr. Doogie) and Dr. Keleher another.  We respect both of their opinions, so it couldn't hurt to have 2 more doctors review my case and make recommendations. 

Bob and I decided to definitely meet with Dr. F after we both agreed that the vibe we got from Dr. Doogie's nurse wasn't in line with all the rest of the people we met with along the way.  She was not warm and inviting, kind and considerate - I'll stop there.  No need to continue down the 'bashing' road.

We pulled up to our regular valet at Dyson just as we have since December.  It was familiar to us - home.  I checked in at the desk to another Mary and in no time was in the Radiology department discussing my history with Tara, Dr. F's nurse.  She was warm and inviting, kind and considerate.  She laughed along at  our strange sense of humor.  Much more our speed. 

Dr. Faranghi came in and was also very professional and informative.  While he was with us, he received 2 phone calls each from my doctors - Keleher and Rubin - to discuss my situation.  We talked and shared and laughed.  It was good and it felt right.  He stepped out while I changed for the exam and Bob and I quickly agreed he was the one, this was the place.  So we finished up and made plans for me to come back and prepare for the 28 radiation treatments in store for me. 

Today, I spent a few hours at the Dyson center with the Radiation Therapists of the Radiology Department - Rabah (I hope I spelled that right - I kept calling him RaBOB!!) and Jen.  These 2 took very good care of me while we spent the time creating molds of my torso and head and then the 'artwork' of my boob mold! 

I layed back on a bed of beads like that of a bean bag chair.  Rabah blew it up some how so it molded around my back, shoulders and head. We'll use this so I can ensure I'm in the same position every time for every treatment - they are looking for no mistakes or they'll miss the target!

Afterward, they had to mark the laser beam positions on me.  I had different electrodes placed on and around me and I went in to the CT scan machine several times to check and verify their accuracy. All the while, there was time between each thing they did and either one or both of them would come out to talk to me so I wasn't alone while we waited for Dr. F to review or change a position.  Once the positions were set, Jen tattooed me in 3 places with a tiny grey dot no bigger than a freckle so they can line me up correctly each time.  

Finally, they had to make the mold of my breasts.  They used a sheet of a substance (bosu?) that was soaking in warm water.  They placed it over the front of my torso and after smoothing out the bubbles waited for it to dry and harden.  When it was removed it could be my armor!  Its a creamy white color that shows the entire shape of my torso - really could be a work of art! 

The next step is to take all the pictures, scans, etc. and develop the treatment plan that will be administered by Jen and Rabah over 5 and a half weeks. The Dosimetrist designs this and Dr. F signs off on it - hopefully in the next week.  Its looking like we'll start this all up on 6/6 - the sooner, the better!


Kimberly Sabatini said...

Wow! So glad you found the "right" folks. We only want those with the best skill AND the best hearts. You're way too important for someone not to get it right!!!! (((hugs)))

DOI said...

I'm sorry that your treatments will be continuing longer than you had hoped but the payoff will be a greater sense of security and confidence about your future -- which will be long and healthy!

Lisa Buglione said...

So glad you have so many doctors and nurses that you are so comfortable with! That is important and must give you a high level of confindence and comfort through this all and I truly believe so much of how people handle things like this is mental and having a positive attitude.