Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm the Easter Rabbit, Hooray!!!

Easter is usually the family holiday that we celebrate at our house.  Bob, Sarah and Alex help me put the whole thing together - it usually takes days (and nights) of prep work.  This time, Denise and Bill jumped in and took the holiday for us.  A much needed break for me. 

We spent Saturday preparing for Easter.  But, instead of cooking, cleaning and scavenger hunt creating, B, A & S spent the day stepping up to the challenge!  There was a decree posted on Facebook for all family members willing to participate to submit a decorated hard boiled egg.  My sister Donna would be the judge and arbiter.  Yes, it was on!

Sarah made 2 or 3 dozen egg shaped cake-pops that she combined with peeps to make the 2 beautiful bouquets that would surround her barnyard of animals that contained her egg decorated as an Easter bunny.  Alex used about 10 pounds of white chocolate to make a train with a caboose that would carry his prized egg to the competition.  Bob found that an old silk tie when wrapped around an egg and boiled with vinegar would transfer the design to the shell.  They spent hours and hours decorating their creations - it was great fun!

We made our way to Denise and Bill's after all the finishing touches were made.  It was great to see my family and have them see me and accept me as I am today.  They made my entrance to the public easy. 

We had about 20 entries in the big egg decorating competition.  What a turn out for the first year!  We had a whole host of creations from what I 'thought' was a lunar module to Aladdin's Genie... all deserved to win.  We came up with awards for all the entries, but Nick was the big winner this year with his NY Yankee egg!  It was so popular, the competition must go on!  We will be more organized next year with score sheets and criteria and such with bigger and better prizes! 

Dinner was delicious as I expected.  (I would have been happy to be there eating leftovers!)  We all sat around talking and catching up.  I lasted about 4 hours before I left.  We came home and I napped for about 2 hours.  Much needed. 

Oh wait - I forgot to mention my mother!  As most of you know, I've avoided seeing my mother.  My sister and others have given her every excuse why I haven't been there in 4 months.  I knew this couldn't be avoided if we were both going to be at Denise's for Easter. 

Let's put it this way, my mother is not the same.  She didn't question why Donna was bringing her to Denise and Bill's and not my house.  We don't think she recognized my brother Bob.  I haven't worn my wig in a few months but purposely wore it on Easter to not have my lack of hair start the conversation.  I have all this stuff  hanging around me under my clothes.  This makes me look twice as big as usual, but that went unnoticed too.   She slept for a little while and was a bit better when she woke up.  She noticed the hat I was wearing but I simply said it was my 'Easter Bonnet' and she smiled and went with it.  

That was that.  I believe I will never have to tell her what I went through in the past 5 months and she will never have to worry about it.  That's good for both of us...

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Wendy S. Marcus said...

I'm so happy the surgery went well!