Monday, April 11, 2011

Woo Hoo!!

I haven't been blogging for a few weeks - I just haven't had it in me.  The last chemo treatment took a lot out of me while I tried to deny that it did.   We traveled to Washington DC last weekend which had its ups and downs for me, physically.  I've been trying to dance from a chair for the past few weeks because of the fatigue and weakness.  Work - let's just say thank god Bob and I have this business!  My ability to work 10 hour days are a thing of the past.   I'm lucky if I fit a couple of hours in.

I have some very good days!  Last week, it was a surprising Wednesday for me.  Usually, I'm dragging after a Tuesday night of dance.  This time on Wednesday I felt unusually good.  I actually contacted my trainer that day to schedule a date to return to training .... then came Thursday.  It was Thursday where I found myself struggling to do much of anything.  I spent a lot of time laying down to relieve the swelling in my legs.  I was enormously tired.  Sleep was the order of the day.

That's kind of how it's been going. Up and down.  To sit down and write meant I might have swelling in my legs or miss a couple of hours of needed sleep.  So to all those followers who've been waiting for me to return to the blog - I'm sorry for not being here!  But today is the day I return to writing... to document the past and push to the future.  Woo hoo!!

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Kimberly Sabatini said...

Hopefully we are on our way to more ups than downs. (((hugs)))