Sunday, April 17, 2011


I never really thought much of my breasts.   As a member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee during high school, they were too small and unimpressive. Just another body part to discuss like the size of my Italian nose or the color of my bright red hair.  My theory was to make fun of myself first then I wouldn't be destroyed when the 'popular' kids teased me about my deficiencies.  My boobs were the 'butt' of many of my jokes for years and years.  It worked for me - most of the time.  I still use that technique.  I guess I'll just have to change my delivery from now on.

I find myself trying to make a connection to these things on my chest.  One I never really had.  Trying to remember all I can about the good and the bad.  I have a few days left with them and it's like I'm trying to say goodbye or something.  Like a eulogy or an obituarary.  That's a good idea!


Mary's Breasts (first appearance sometime in 1975-4/21/2011)

Small and unobtrusive, Mary's Breasts were a happy little pair.  Often, they provided the necessary comic relief.  They stood up and took notice when it was cold.  They never got in the way.  Really didn't need any support.   Held up well in a leotard. They enjoyed reading and trying on clothes.  They will be missed.

Whew - I feel better!

And, of course, the IBTC had t-shirts.  We all wore a small!!  Surprised?  I wish I still had mine for all kinds of reasons. 


Lisa Buglione said...

Glad to see you are still the same silly Mary! You are too funny! Love ya, Lisa

DOI said...

Mary, your excellent mental health is one of the reasons you have handled the last 6 months so incredibly well, and this is just one more example. As well I know, mastectomy involves loss, even though we might not have paid as much attention to our breasts as to our loved ones (at least I hope we haven't). I trust that your acknowledgement of your impending loss, expressed with wonderful humor, has helped you deal with your surgery.