Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All is right with my crazy world.

I have made myself sufficiently busy this week to keep my mind off of the coming events of tomorrow.  Some people call it unhealthy - I don't.  I call it my busy and fun life!!  (with a few kinks)

Monday was pre-op surgical testing day.  It started with my meeting with Dr. Sepulveda the plastic surgeon.  It was there that the reality came crashing down... signing all kinds of consent forms and answering questions put the stamp on the fact that it was going to happen now.  I left there feeling rather blue.  That's my understatement for the day!  It didn't last long...

I squeezed in a fantastic massage with Maureen DiMarco.  I was going to include a reiki session with it, but muscles needed far more work.  I met Maureen at the Dyson Center.  During my infusions, she would come to my chair for a short massage.  A really lovely and caring woman that I would highly recommend.  We are saving the reiki for tomorrow morning.  Maureen is going to meet me at Vassar before my surgery.... wonderful?  You bet!

Back to Vassar I go for more tests - EKG, blood, etc.  More questions.  Tell my story once again.  And again....

The last stop was to Dr. Keleher, my breast surgeon, to make sure everything was progressing and we were on track for Thursday.  She examined me and we all talked about what to expect.  A smile and hugs all around and I'm ready for the big day!

I made it home just in time to collapse on the sofa.  I just wanted to rest a few minutes before we headed to Patti's for Passover.  A few minutes turned into 3 hours... I never made to Patti's!  There's kink #1.  Sorry Patti - but I did get a much needed good night sleep.

Tuesday came and I was off and running again.  
     Pick up train tickets - check
     Drop off prescriptions - check
     Forward my email - check
     Record away voice mail - check
     Burn a CD for Workshop - check
     Drop off CD - check
     Deliver Alps chocolate to the office - check

In the middle of this day, I ran to my deli on the hill.  The place I've been going for lunch for the past 15 years or so.  They've been so supportive through all this, I wanted to stop and see them before I left.  Estelle came around the counter and hugged me and told me she loved me!!  You know you've been going to a deli forever when they treat you like family!! LOL

I finished the night with a Passover seder at the Arnoff's.  Lisa is a fantabulous chef (much more than just a cook) and the chef gods would be proud of her.  Michael is a wonderful host who kept the show rolling along at a 27 minute pace - with glasses filled of course! I felt more normal than I have in weeks.  My body is feeling good (minus the hair) and my friends that I haven't seen in months treated me as if nothing had changed.  Just the way I like it.  Kink #2 - missed a night at the studio.... can't be in 2 places at once!

Here I am today. Wednesday.  You'd think I'd be resting up for tomorrow.  NO WAY!! Today, I'm leading my Yanarella dancers to see Mamma Mia!! Some say I'm crazy but I wouldn't have it any other way.   Bob is leading the charge with his orange umbrella and I will traditionally bring up the rear.   I may be moving a bit slower than usual, so I padded some extra time to get to the restaurant and back.  I'm excited to be with the group to help me forget about what's happening tomorrow!  I have plenty of time to worry about that....  Kink #3 - forgot to pick up my meds from Tuminaro's Pharmacy... Susie will rescue me!

Finally - Sarah comes home tonight!!! Alex too!  The foursome will be back together again for a little while.  All is right with my crazy world.


Lisa Buglione said...

I will be thinking about you tomorrow and praying for a quick and healthy recovery for you! I know a good play always puts a smile on your face and maybe it will let you clear your mind a little. Take care, rest up, and follow the doctor's orders. Sending you many hugs, Lisa.

lisaarnoff said...

Michael and I were so glad you and Bob joined us last night. Loved how both of you added to the singing at our table - something that Michael hesitates to do unless prompted. We will both be thinking about you tomorrow. We wish you a speedy and easy recovery!

nora said...

Hi Mary and Bob, Jon and I talked about the 2 of you, the 4 of you, tonight thru dinner and shared many smiles. Mary, we will look forward to seeing your next entry. Your energy is amazing, it propels you. Nora