Thursday, March 24, 2011

Last, but not least!

'No More Chemo' Cake!!!!

Strangely excited for today!  Today is my last chemotherapy treatment.  It is hard to believe it's been 4 months since this started.  It felt like such a long road and now I'm onto the last leg!  My family is calling it my 'other marathon'.  As Sarah said to me today -

    You just hit the last leg of the marathon! That's a big deal :)
    we're the losers on the side lines ringing the cowbells
    The end is near and then it's recovery time... Just like Chicago
    But with less snacks on route

I love those losers with the cowbells!  Talk about a support system  - I have the absolute best!!  I think Sarah is also forgetting all the snacks I've indulged in along the way... therefore I've gained 10 pounds that I can't wait to get rid of! 

I walked into the Dyson Center this morning and all my staff were high fiving me and celebrating my last treatment!  What a special day... Barbara brought in a cake to share:

'No More Chemo' Cake!!!!
Great day.... getting tired.... more later....

Love to all my family and friends!!!!  Thanks for making my day so special!

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