Friday, March 4, 2011


Things went a little smoother this time.  Without the Adriamycin, it seemed to cut off 30 minutes or so.  It seems all meds that I take have an effect on me even down to the saline.  I can feel each and every one of them pulse through my veins.  The nurses say I'm sensitive - sure, I'm sensitive alright!

I was quite tired through the infusion, but didn't seem to sleep much.  Couldn't really open my eyes either. Just listened to what was going on around me.  If I did open my eyes, I couldn't talk because nothing that made any sense came out so I just kept my mouth shut and smiled from time to time.  My drug induced alter-ego.

The rest of the day was a day of rest.  Nothing more than sleeping, eating and tv.  My knees were feeling very stiff and invisibly swollen.  But when I woke up, I they felt much better probably because I was laying flat.  On top of that, I was pretty functional for the entire morning.  I was able to check into work and do a little for my clients. Sarah made me one of my all-time favorite breakfasts - Eggs Benedict - it was great and this was her first try!!!  She went off to go shopping with Phyllis and Alex came home to take me to my Nuelasta shot. 

Alex and Bob waited outside while I ran in to have my shot which usually takes just a few minutes.  It was pretty crowded in there so it definitely took longer.  When I was leaving, the receptionist asked me to wait because someone was headed down to meet me.  She referred to her as a 'breast navigator'!  I have never heard of that in my life!! A few minutes later Linda appeared and nicely introduced herself and asked if I needed anything.  She is available to help me with anything I may have needed to get me through the end.  My friend Barbara asked her to come to see me - friends in high places!  I explained where I was in the process and if I needed anything I would be sure to contact her.  So many nice people out there caring about me.  Thank you all.

I was beat when I got home.  I knew I needed to lay down as my chest was hurting and I was tired.  I slept longer than I expected and I didn't do anything tonight as planned.  Bob and Sarah went to services and Alex and I stayed home and watched a movie.  Plans are always flexible these days. 

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