Monday, March 7, 2011

Here I am writing of my tales for all to see.

As predicted, it was an easier weekend than usual... the problem with that is I pushed myself to do too much! 

Alex and Sarah were home and I wanted to spend every minute I could with them.  I cooked a fantastic batch of sauce for dinner that night, if I do say so myself!  We had friends join us for it and a hot game of Mexican Train.  Katie came too and she brought along the good stuff - Whipped Vodka - pretty good stuff!  We had a fun night for sure.

We all split up the next day - kids went to their respective homes, Bob went off to the car show with his dad and I went to see Elisa for my acupuncture treatment. 

The muscles from my hips up through my spine all the way to the base of my scull were sore due to the neulasta shot I had gotten on Friday.  I wasn't as dry as usual and the chest tightness was less which made me feel better overall.  I took a short nap on Saturday afternoon to prepare for the night ahead, but it wasn't enough.  I was really wiped out on Sunday and shouldn't have driven myself to Acu. but I did.  I headed straight home afterward and spent the rest of the day sofa-bound worrying about Sarah and her 10 hour drive back to Pittsburgh... thank god she got back safely!

I finally got to bed and slept off and on during the night - this was the night that everything flushed out from the last few days - EVERY 2 HOURS!!!  I was more exhausted when I woke up!  I prepped for the day and immediately layed down for 2 hours before I had my massage.   The magical massage that made me human again!  I was able to get home and back to work for a few hours ...

and here I am writing of my tales for all to see.