Monday, June 6, 2011

The Tanning Bed

I've been staring at this blank post all night.  I do have some updates to make, but this seems incredibly difficult for me to write as if nothing has happened.  Funny, that my emotional state can get in the way at this point.

Today was the first day of my radiation treatment plan. Five days a week for 5 and a half weeks feels like a lot but I'm told it will just become something you have to do every day.  I hope that's true. 

Last week on Friday, I had to go into the Dyson Center to do a test run with the machine and the plan developed for me.  They tested the body molds they had made the week before and checked on the measurements the had made previously for accuracy.  The therapists took a bunch of pictures (xrays) to be sure all the angles were lined up correctly.  It took upwards of an hour to get it done - a little longer than expected but important to get it right.

Today began my daily 1:30p appointments at Dyson.  Bob came along with me for the first one so he could see the equipment and meet the people I'll be with.  Dan and Maggie were very nice showing Bob around and discussing all the apparatus.  I was hit with radiation at 2 angles using the bolus they had molded for me and then straight on without it.  Altogether I was in there for approximately 40 minutes.  Here we go.... one down and 27 to go.

I also had another checkup with Dr. Sepulveda today to see how the expanders/temporary implants were coming along.  He was happy with what he saw and I'm feeling better about them myself.  While I can't say they are easy for me to ignore, it is getting easier and easier.  I'm running and dancing without much trouble.

Going to all these appointments seems so familiar for Bob and I.  Strangely, we look forward to our escape to go to them.  It was a beautiful day and we spent the evening at the river for dinner.  A nice end.

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