Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Did you ever wonder what this life was all about?  Why are you here?  Do you have a purpose - not as a whole but as an individual?  Would it matter if you were gone?

My mortality has become very real to me.  I'm not going to be here forever.  The thought can go through my brain in a flash at all different times.  Like the split second in Philosophy class when you thought you 'got it'...

Things look very different to me now.  You get up each day after a night's sleep to greet the sun with hope that you'll do the same tomorrow.  You get the chance to start everything fresh and new, right any wrongs, make peace, apologize and love your family and friends more fervently.  You wonder why you worry about certain things because in the great scheme it really doesn't matter.  And why you did do all this before.

A day at the office, a night at the studio, a drive to Poughkeepsie, a phone call with the kids, an internet chat, dinner with friends - things you do all the time that impact your everyday and other's everyday all seem sweeter. 

Life is a chain reaction.  What I do in the days I have on this earth impact all those I touch, and so on.  Make sure the people that are important to you know it NOW so they can pass it on.  You'll never regret taking that great emotional leap.

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RitterBlog said...

And this is why our love grows! Love for each and every other. Love for a flower or a dance. Love for our children and our nieces & nephews. They say don't sweat the little stuff ... By the same token it's the little stuff I appreciate the most. To simply be able to roll over a kiss you on the cheek while you are sleeping and thank heaven that I had you for another day is one of the best examples of what I mean.