Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Grandmother's Mustache

Things are getting back to normal for me - my hair is growing back (albeit a different color!!) and if you look at my eyes from this angle you can see my eyelashes and eyebrows!

In fact - it's all coming back with a vengence!  I've always been exceptionally hairy.  My sister says when I was born I was like a monkey, covered with a kind of fur!  Not alot has changed over the years except for the months of chemo.  Now?  I used to be able to get away with not shaving my legs every day but not anymore.  The difference now?  I don't care as much and I'm actually enjoying the fact that I have it!  Plus, it's pretty light-colored, so who cares? 

I 'heard' that the hair on my lip wouldn't come back... but not for me.  I have even more of my Grandmother's Mustache - but I take care of that one on a regular basis - thanks Josephine!


DOI said...

You never stopped being beautiful, inside and out, but I'm so glad you are beginning to feel normal again. Your eye lashes and eyebrows look super and I can see a great future for your new hair. Isn't it interesting how your attitude toward having to shave your legs -- and toward so many other things -- has changed?

Kimberly Sabatini said...

You're fluffy. :o)

RitterBlog said...

That's it . . . My new pet name for you. Monkey! Which brings to mind a scene from an old Pink Pather movie. Moonky. Lol.