Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Today was my 10th radiation treatment... not really a lot going on yet.  I do see a little discoloration around the 3 areas they are targeting but not much.  I've been given a cream to treat the areas and I do (when I remember).

Target areas are all on the right side of my chest.  Each time I check in, I change into a double hospital gown - one opens to the back topped by one opening to the front.  Once finished, I then have to scan my id again and confirm that it is my picture that pops up on the screen before laying on the table. 

They are always ready for me with my body form in place on the table and my bolus in the warmer so it doesn't make me jump when they put it on me.  Dan, Jen, Maggie and Shy have all been wonderful during our 'brief encounter' each day.  Once they line up the beams against the 3 small tatoos they've made that look likes freckles and calibrate it, the bolus goes on and the machine starts up. It twists slightly to my left and the lead that I can see forms a design that shapes the beam as it hits the inside of my breast wall.  They make a very precise calculations to avoid hitting anything the beam shouldn't - my lung, the implant, etc.  The hum or buzz emanates from the machine for about 20 seconds before it moves to the next angle to my right side.  This hits the outside perimeter of the breast wall with another 20 second treatment.  One of the therapist's come in and remove the bolus and the machine twists to just above me to radiate the lymph nodes in my chest and up to my clavicle.  All done and dressed... unless there's a visit to the doctor, nurse or more xrays to make sure we are still lined up!!!

Only had one hiccup during the first week - terribly hot day and the hospital was taking too much electricity to cool itself, so there wasn't enough to power up the machine!  As much of a pain as it was to make it all the way up to Dyson, get undressed just to be told the machine was 'broken', I'm awfully glad nothing happened in the middle of my treatment!!!

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