Sunday, June 26, 2011

Signs of Life

These past 2 weekends have been incredibly busy.  Bob and I traveled from one graduation party to the next.  We had a birthday party or 2 sprinkled in, along with a bridal shower, a few dinner parties with friends, a couple of dance rehearsals and finally a rendez-vous at Torches with a 'new' couple.

All these things are signs of life.

The graduates all have such promising futures and their excitement is infectious.  I only wish the best for them as they venture onto this next phase.  Life continues as they grow and create more incredible experiences for themselves as adults.

Birthday parties mark the most special and memorable days for children (and adults too)!  Another year older and happy to add them up!  Enjoying all the little joys of childhood each and every day - I can still remember that feeling.  Watching my 'greats' opening gifts and blowing out candles makes me want more joys each day.

I went to a bridal shower this weekend too.  These KIDS are getting married!! It's hard to believe I was that young once  - even though at that time in my life, I didn't feel that young either!  So cute to see them opening gifts and dreaming of their life together... a wonderful reminder of all that I already have.

The fabric of my life is made up of all different fibers - friends that come in all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds.  Each brings something important and unique to share with the other.  It's what makes it interesting to be together and you know these people would have your back if you needed them.  The closest thing to family without being them...

My weekly dance rehearsals with an incredible set of girls makes me appreciate their passion as I make them roll out of bed at 9am on a Sunday morning.  Commitment to their goals, to themselves, to each other and to me prove this extracurricular activity that we all share can enrich your life and teach positive life lessons.  Lessons I learn from THEM each and every day.

During this weekend we made a quick trip to visit the makings of something new over there in Newburgh.  Happiness was all around and I could feel it.  Why go through life unhappy??? This feeling is just soooo much better! 

Life has lots of ups and downs.  It's your perspective that gets you through to the next phase.  Take a look  - the signs are all around.... but boy am I exhausted!!

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