Monday, August 1, 2011

Disappearing Act

My skin is really recovering quickly from the radiation.  What was once a very bad burn under my arm is now just a darker patch of skin.  The square of redness around my right breast has really faded.  If you looked at my chest, you wouldn't know my body I had gone through anything.

As part of the surgery I had in April, I had 2 lymph nodes removed which left a 2 inch scar in my arm pit.  It was raised so much, that I had be careful of it when I shaved.  Yesterday, as I was getting ready, I noticed that the scar was gone! Not just faded - GONE! I honestly can't believe it and didn't notice any lead up to it. 

Could the radiation burns have taken care of the scar?  A pretty good side effect if it did!

I have an appointment with my Plastic Surgeon tomorrow.  I'm pretty excited for him to see how well my skin is recovering and talk about when we can finish the creation of my breasts!

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Lisa Buglione said...

I am sure something as simple as a scar disappearing gives you the reassurance that this will all be something of the past soon enough.