Monday, August 8, 2011

1st Haircut!

Things were getting out of hand on the top of my head.  We have a wedding this weekend and I just wanted to clean up what I had going on up there.

Besides being easy, I'm kind of enjoying the short do.  It's an interesting color and the way it frames my face isn't so bad.

I called Kim and she was able to see me right away.  She trimmed around my ears and the base of my neck, just  evened everything out ... and she got rid of the rest of the fuzz I've been sporting on my cheeks!  Marina and Ty colored and read books to me while I had my hair cut.  I found the ease of sitting in her chair while she cut and we chatted about dance and Disney to be extremely refreshing.

Afterward, I had lunch with a close friend of mine.  Sometimes, just sitting and talking even about simple, silly stuff can make the difference in your day. 

Thanks ladies.

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RitterBlog said...

Two haircuts you will always remember: This one and the one before it! I'm glad this stylist left a little more on than I did! We've come a long way!