Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Needing to catch up, on a few things I guess.  My life has been busier than ever these past few weeks and thus my blog has suffered. 

I've been running back and forth to radiation every day for the past month.  While it has become 'routine' now, it does disrupt me in the middle of the day.  I have a giant red square around my right breast from it.  The center is pretty sore and is peeling and my armpit looks bruised and is a bit bubbly too.  They've given me several topical creams, but switched me to another one today.  They call it bliss - it's pretty thick and has lidocain and aloe.  What a mess, but it feels a bit better I guess.

I'm down to my last 5 treatments.  It'll be good to get it behind me.  I go to see the plastic surgeon next week so he can see if there was any damage done to the temporary implants.  If there was, he may have to do an additional surgery to correct it before replacing them with the gels. I'm looking forward to it.

I've started a bunch of posts, but haven't finished very many...  I'm a work in progress in more ways than one.  I'll keep working on them.

--- don't know if I have this floating out there or not...

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