Friday, July 15, 2011

Blog writing, blog writing.

I don't want it to be a chore.  I want it to be fun, meaningful and inspiring, but you can't be meaningful and inspiring every day!  So, sometimes I just write about where I am with all the breast cancer treatments, my workday, dancing, the fam - whatever!  I promised myself today that I would try to find something to write about everyday - - - if it makes it here or not!  As I sat getting a pedicure today to cover my UGLY toes, I pulled out some paper and just started writing.  That one won't make it here...

My side effects from the chemo drugs have worn off.  My hair is coming back in thicker than before as are my eyebrows and lashes - darker and longer!  I'm not swollen at the feet/ankles any more either.  Those half size larger shoes are way too big on my now. I'm almost down to my 'fighting' weight, so I'll try the closet organizing again that I never did in the first place.  My nails are looking a bit better - even though I still cover them with polish - but no neuropathy!  I can untie a knot or open a jar again!

I'm down to the last 3 days of radiation and since they removed the bolus from me its not burning my skin as it was last week.  I was also given the cream for burn patients that is really helping to heal it and ease the pain rather quickly. But that's all.... I'm tired, but not from the radiation.  I spent 4 days with my dance girls - long days, short nights - and I'm still catching up from that. Ahhh - a topic for another post.  Back to where I was - I'm tired, but no fatigue as with chemotherapy. 

I pretty much feel back to my old self.  I just look a little different than I did a year ago!

I have to thank Juliane for the blogging suggestion way back in December.  I never thought I'd enjoy writing as much as I do.... now for my next topic.... stay tuned!

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Rosie said...

Hi Mary,

I have really enjoyed reading the blogs. Your courage and honesty about the whole experience has been amazing. I am glad to hear that you are almost at the end of the long journey to health.