Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Success is one of those things that can be a moving target. What is considered to be the meaning of success today can change as our lives change.  Success comes in all different shapes and forms and can show up at different times.

All our lives we are taught to set goals and when we reach those goals, we are supposed to feel successful.  Some measure their self-worth based on these lofty goals.  But I think success can happen long before the final goal is reached.  And who's to say that if you don't reach that goal, that you should feel proud of your accomplishments. The milestones along the way can be just as successful and fulfilling. 

Life is full of ups and downs, hills and valleys.  We fall down and get up and try again.  Where do we find the drive to keep going when you get defeated so often?  Human beings have an indomitable spirit and ability to adapt to new circumstances. 

Never give up... I saw the best example of that phrase in action this past week.  I know a guy.  This guy recently reached a goal that took a long time to achieve.  When there was a dead end, he found another road.  Success.  As each step along the way was climbed, a new one was added to the ladder.  Challenge after challenge wore him down but he persevered.  More successes.  Finally, 6 years of hard work finished with a diploma and yet another roller coaster ride began.  You'd think after all this, your ego would be hurt, your drive diminished.  Just over 2 months after and hundreds of resumes later, the job offer came in the mail.  The perfect offer from the ideal company.  The result of hard work and many many goals and successes.

Is success found in the ultimate goal? No, I don't believe so.  Success is living your life everyday the way YOU believe is best.  Finding happiness in what you do and making the best of every situation is success.

I couldn't be prouder of this guy  - if you haven't figured it out, it's my Alex.  He'll be very angry with me for writing this about him.  He's very humble and not boastful and really doesn't like it when we make a big deal about things.  But this is a big deal to me and Bob and we just can't hold in our excitement for him.  Sorry Bud - couldn't help myself!!  Love you.

Success is found all along the way... with many more to come!

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Rosie said...

Hi Mary,

You deserve to be so proud. He's worked so hard and deserves all of his success. Good luck, Alex, in your new job.