Monday, February 7, 2011


I had been planning to go to the city to see Billy Elliot on Sunday with my little group of theater lovers, the TWITS.   There was a little kink in the works... ice! 

Saturday night, Bob and I went to Shelly and Chris's to hang for awhile.  We left early because I had a busy day the next day and I wanted to be sure to get enough rest for it.  It was about 9:30 when we left... and it was about 10:15 when we got home.  S & C live 5 miles away.... the travel home was fine.  We turned up the driveway and made it half way up and the wheels spun on the ice.  You see, it was warm during the day but got cold again at night.  The driveway under the trees never had a chance to dry out and it froze over solid. 

Now, we have lived here a long time and have backed down the driveway in the winter many many times before.  Bob starts backwards and since we were on just the first bend, we had to turn the wheel slightly which made us head straight for the drop off and/or a tree.  All I could say was oh my god, oh my GOD, oh MY GOD, OH MY GOD!!!  The car turned 90 degrees and stopped.  We left the car and walked up to the house - Bob on one side of the driveway me on the other - stamping our way up thru the thick ice cover snow until we reached the part of the driveway that was dry. 

The next day, the boys head down to try to get the car up or down so I can go to the show.  I was to pick up the girls around 10:30am after my acupuncture appointment.  I kept the pickup time at 10:30 even though I had canceled acupuncture the night before - not know what to expect in the morning.  But the temperature was rising and the boys thought we'd be ok.  I did check out 'Plan B' - the train schedule - just in case.  Bob and Alex headed down there with shovels.  By the time I got there, Bob was on the phone with Danny, our neighbor for additional help.  Danny and his son come over with their truck and a rope, 4 shovels and kitty litter. Time marches on and we aren't getting any closer to the road.... well, maybe a little. 

It was getting a little too close for comfort so I called the girls and had them head to the train.  I would meet them there.  Their worry??? Would I be lonely driving alone!! Cute, huh?  The boys got me out of the driveway and on my way.  In fact, I actually got to the restaurant before they did!

We made it to the show in plenty of time.  I have seen it twice before, but really hoped the girls would like it. There's just something special about this show.  The dancing, the message - it all worked for me.  We didn't have great seats... in fact we were in the last row of the balcony!  But that didn't seem to matter.  I enjoyed it as much this time as the rest.  I helped the girls understand a bit of what was going on with the storyline at intermission.  Margaret Thatcher was a big part of the 2nd act and I had to explain who she was and how she effected the lives of the coal miners we were watching.  They got it and seemed to love it as much as I did!

The drive home was filled with giggling and laughing and talking.  Just the way I like it.  We made it home in time for most of the super bowl, but I realized we did not take one picture of us during the entire day! 

Either way - I want to thank Bob and Alex for their efforts to get me out of the driveway.  The Moore's for pitching in too.  The Twits for putting up with it and making the rest of the day worth it!

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Lisa Buglione said...

Glad you got to the show! I know a good play always puts a smile on your face! It sounds like this show is worth seeing! Lisa