Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fashion for a Cause - Silhouette of a Woman

It started out as a regular day at the office... it ended with stories to tell!!

I went to work that day with the intention of leaving no later than 2p.  I scrambled out the door as close to it as I could.  I was told to get my nails colored red and be at the salon, New Creations, at 4pm for hair and makeup.

I was the last to arrive at the salon.  There were probably 6 or 7 other models waiting to get spruced up for the fashion show.  It was a special feeling to be standing there in that room.  As I started to chat with the other models, I realized what a special group of women I was among.  The models were a mix of ages and about half were survivors.  The other half were so interested in our story and compassionate to our journey that it was easy to see we found some new friends there. 

New Creations... these ladies gave of their time and energy to work on this event.  My hats off to Debbie, Colleen, Jennifer and Jill who really went over the top to get us ready.  Poor Jill was given the task of working on my hair. While I don't have much of it, I have 2 cowlicks that have a mind of their own!  But after many products, a couple of pairs of hands and a bobby pin or two, we got them tamed!  Colleen used makeup to hide my flaws and enhance what I have.  And don't forget the lashes!!!  I may never where that much makeup in my life or fix my hair that way, but it's incredible how good it makes you feel when all the fussing over you culminates in a 'look' and the compliments are flying!!!

Once we were finished, we were to head to the Bardavon.  There was a freak snow storm that night - Oct 27th, so we left with heads covered and faces sheilded to protect us from the elements.  A stop or 2 on the way and we all met up in our respective dressing rooms.  A group of my new friends all particitpated in a bit of Vitamin V to loosen us up.  We dressed with the help of Beth and Robyn from Elizabeth's.  Then we chatted and tried to stay cool in the tiny hot dressing room while the paying customers where in the lobby enjoying a beverage and the festivities in the theater.

It was finally time to take the walk.  As we made our way to our starting positions, it was clear we were going to rock this show!  My group was in the Shadows scene and we decided that it would be appropriate if we danced on the stage as we waited for the others to finish and end back on the stage.  That was right up my alley!! I was up first and did my best model posing at center stage with a lunge and a look to each corner and of course a spin to show off the flirty skirt I was wearing. Then it was off to walk through the audience, around the lobby and back up to the stage.  As we all made it to the line on the stage, we danced and laughed and held each other up!  We played the 'party scene' perfectly - even made the Poughkeepsie Journal! 

After the scenes were over, we split up again to join our respective businesses - Elizabeth Boutique and New Creations.  I was so happy and honored to represent Beth Madsen at the event. She worked so hard putting this all together and I really wanted to make her proud of her selections.  Hopefully she found a great deal of satisfaction in putting in the time and effort in creating such a wonderful event.  In fact, it was obvious that she did! She simply glowed that night!

The last part of the event pulled each of the survivors out to stand in aisles of theater.  Announced by name and time since diagnosis, I was honored to be among the 25 or so women in the show who took their places with their roses.  When all of us were in place, the call went out to the audience for other survivors to also stand as we were all honored with applause and a song.  Of course, the song was 'I'm Gonna Love You Through It' - more on that in another post.

While the song was playing, it was very emotional to look out to see Bob and Sarah, Shelly, my friends the Kram's and the Marcus's, Jackie and Marisa and anyone else I knew that came out to support this cause that has grown so dear to my heart.  I hugged my family, my old and new friends and my sister-survivors as I felt an enormous sense of gratitude for what I have.

A huge thank you to those involved.  It was a great experience for me and know the success of the event is a true testiment to the commitment of those who created it.  Hugs and more hugs!!!

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